Ear Problems: What to Know Before Visiting an Ear Clinic

You were listening to your favourite song when you felt a sharp, stabbing pain on your right ear. The pain escalates from mild to excoriating. Oh no. What to do?

Imagine yourself in that situation. Of course, the first thing you would think about doing is running to the nearest GP clinic. Nothing wrong with that—however, you would recover from that pain faster if you went to an ear clinic.


ear clinic



In anear clinic Gold Coast can offer, the medical professional is more equipped to tackle your situation—regardless if it is an infection or hearing problem.

Is it your first time hearing about an ear clinic or an ear doctor?

Here is a list of fundamental stuff you can read about them.

What is an ear doctor?

An ear doctor or ears, nose, and throat (ENT) professional treats disorders or diseases that affect those body parts. They can also perform surgery if needed.

Moreover, an ENT doctor can also determine the cause of a hearing loss. Concerning children’s hearing loss cases, they can also team up with the Paediatrician for a long-term assessment.

In Australia, individuals train and study in the field of Otolaryngology to become ENT specialists. Institutions like the Australian Society of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery (ASOHNS) provide a specialist surgical training program to hopefuls.

It does not always apply to everyone, but you might need a referral from your GP before you can visit a Coolangatta ear clinic.

What is an ear clinic?

An ear clinic is where the ENT specialists assess and treat the patient’s ear condition.

In an ear clinic Coolangatta has these days, doctors can check the ears for any visible signs of infection. They can also unclog the earwax build-up using the equipment in the ear clinic—this treatment is called micro suction.

In this an earwax micro suction, the ENT specialist uses a medical suction device to suck out the blockage from the ear canal. This treatment is generally considered a safe and cheap way of cleaning earwax. The only drawback is the noise of the suction device.

What are the ear conditions that require ear doctors’ care?

These ear conditions need medical attention immediately:

  • Swimmer’s ear – An inflammation that can be treated by medication. If left untreated, it will lead to an infection.
  • Otomycosis – An infection caused by a fungus. Specialists will treat this with a topical antifungal or antihistamine medication.
  • General ear infection – An inflammation and pain in the ear/s caused by bacteria. The ear doctor will treat it using antibacterial medications.
  • Vestibular Neuritis – A viral infection in the ear that causes inflammation and vertigo. The ear doctor will alleviate this with medication.

Other professionals who can assist you

If your locality does not have an ear clinic, these professionals can still help you in case of a severe ear infection.

  • Primary care physician
  • General Practitioner (GP)
  • Psychiatrist

Find a reliable ear doctor today.

Make sure you will be under an expert’s care.

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