What is ‘Scrapbooking’?


The craft of scrapbooking is the preservation of your photographs and memories in archival quality albums using photosafe materials.

Photographs are cropped, pages decorated and memories recorded to create beautiful keepsakes for the enjoyment of generations to come.

Stickers, decorative scissors, cropping aids, coloured papers and pens are all used to create imaginative and lasting album pages.

Get those photographs out of those old boxes and cupboard drawers and into beautiful albums, reminisce and enjoy your memories with your loved ones whilst creating a lasting family treasure.

Why ‘acid-free’?
Acid-free indicates items having a pH value of 7.0 or higher. High acid content means that paper or adhesives will deteriorate over time. Paper may become fragile and discoloured and adhesives can stain and fail. Acid can also migrate to other items causing further deterioration.

What is ‘Lignin’?
Lignin is a naturally occuring substance in wood that reacts with light to cause deterioration in paper. An easy way to visualise the impact of lignin is to place a newspaper in direct sunlight, lignin causes the paper to yellow, often quite rapidly. It is possible to remove lignin during the paper-making process creating good quality and longer lasting papers.

The Power of Journalling
The key to a meaningful memory album is journalling. A picture is only as good as the story that accompanies it. Loose the story and it can become just another anonymous picture in a box to future generations. Most families have the type of photos where the name of the subject of the picture has been lost and those who could tell us are no longer with us. How grateful we would all be to have a beautiful album lovingly journalled, telling us the ‘who, what, where and when’ of those special people and family events. When journalling your album itıs important to imagine that you are a future generation – what would you want to know about that photograph?