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20 Jan

Troubleshooting Your Dash Cam: What You Need to Know

When you buy a dash cam, expectations are often high, and you hope a smooth recording experience.  Nevertheless, like any other electronic machinery, dash cams are not proof to malfunctioning. A majority of users often dead this moment when it eventually comes. This is because they associate machine failure with high repair costs. Luckily, we analyzed some of the most recurrent dash cam issues and came up with proven solutions. However, if the problem persists, professional help may be required.

  1. Sudden halting of recording

Mostly, this is as a result of the failure in the motion detection system. When no movement occurs in front of the camera lens, it usually stops recording. Therefore, to start recording again, the motion detector has to be switched off.

  1. Camera’s screen goes blank

After a lack of activity, the screen goes blank in some models.  The solution to this is activating the power saver or turning on the backlight. This feature switches off the screen when inactive for some time. It, however, does not stop recording, which continues in the background.

  1. Camera doesn’t power up after ignition

Modern cameras rely on the car’s battery for power, thus they automatically turn on when the engine is started. This is not always the case, as the camera delays in some instances. In such situations, the most probable cause is a drained internal battery which often requires more time to fill up its reserves before powering up the dash cam.

  1. The Camera records intermittently

Firstly, check the SD card. Make sure that its speed is at least Class 6, as slower cards are a recipe for file corruption. Also, ascertain the authenticity of the card, as the market is marred with large amounts of fake memory cards. These often crumble when overstretched, particularly by high definition recordings.

Secondly, you should assess the power supply. The power cable should be tightened, and in the presence of a LED, it should be on. Alternatively, you can inspect the fuse to see whether it is still intact.

  1. Card Full and Card Error Notification

The card full message automatically appears to inform you that your storage is depleted. To avoid such notifications, regularly transfer media from your dash cam to external drives, either using a smartphone or computers. Also, you can buy multiple memory cards for replacement purposes.

Card error messages arise from file corruption. Unfortunately, the only way to go by this problem is formatting, which erases all data. In extreme cases, the memory card might become irreparable.