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29 May

Soundproofing Insulation

Insulation itself is defined a way in which material helps to control how heat and sound move throughout your home. It is material that is generally packed fiber used as a layer between walls which minimizes the amount of heat exiting and entering your home. When in possession of the proper material,insulation also has the ability to absorb sound, known as soundproofing insulation. Essentially, the thin layer of insulation used to soundproof only works because the sound bounces around in it cavity insulation works to reduce the energy level of sound. Soundproofing insulation is a particular feature in the spectrum of insulation and insulating products as it is specifically designed to be a noise barrier. The insulation slows down the sound just as ordinary insulation would absorb heat, or slow down the transfer of heat between the exterior and interior. Soundproofing insulation does not only minimize sound from outside to inside, but it also has the ability to effect the travel of sound from one room to another.

You can buy soundproofing insulation panels for wood or steel-stud walls and ceilings. The types of insulation that function most noticeably best when it comes down to soundproofing, includes: standard fiberglass insulation, mineral wool.cellulose, fiberglass and foam. However, the latter is often best when used for thermal proofing versus sound proofing. And fiberglass is best used when installed in a room without doors, as it is least costly, and its effectiveness loses out when an non-insulated door comes into play. The best is likely cellulose insulation as it tends to feel those cavities left open, and cover the minute number of air-holes available for sound to slip through. Cellulose is also extremely thick and as much as three times thicker than, for example, fiber glass insulation. Both fiberglass and cellulose can be installed in walls, floors and ceilings.  

Another great brand of soundproofing insulation is Peacemaker. Peacemaker, by Audimute, is used to soundproof wall, floors and ceilings. It is made with recycled rubber for all eco-friendly purposes. Peacemaker promises an effective level of noise reduction alongside moisture protection. It is also good for a variety of living quarters and living spaces, like the walls of apartments, multi-family homes, luxury condos, tinier studios, movie theaters, etc. It is important to know, soundproofing insulation is less “soundproofing” and more “minimizing” than anything. In other words, soundproofing insulation specializes in sound reduction over taking away sound(s) in totality.