SEO Or Paid Advertising?

8 May

SEO Or Paid Advertising?

If you have a website and are trying to increase your website’s visibility and drive more traffic to your site, you may want to consider hiring the services of an SEO or Paid advertising company. Paid advertising services can get your website’s link at the top of a search page’s results for certain keywords. Paid advertisements at sites like Google, Yahoo, and other well known and often used search engines can be a great traffic generator. Unfortunately, these advertisements are not free. The spaces at the top of a search page’s results are reserved for paying customers, so if this is not you, you will likely want to find some other method of increasing your website’s ranking in search results.

One way to do this is to use Search Engine Optimization. Search engines typically crawl the world wide internet and catalog information about all different kinds of websites. Your website is “crawled,” or visited, by these search engines for the purpose of creating a convenient index so that your site can appear when someone searches for it on a search engine. If your website is an online retailer, then someone searching for an online retailer at a search engine may not necessarily find your site immediately. Since there are many online retailers, your site may appear somewhere in the search results, but not necessarily at or near the top of the list. Having a link to your website appear at or near the top of the list is important, because most people will not search past the first few pages of search results, so if your website’s search ranking is low on the list, people may not find it unless they search specifically for your site by name. From an advertising and web traffic generating perspective, this is important, because people who already know your site by name generally do not need a search engine to find it. Being high in the search rankings allows your site to become visible to people who do not already know about it, helping you advertise to new customers. This helps attract new visitors, who will, in turn, spread the word about your site if they like what they see.

Search Engine Optimization in itself is free, and you can learn how to do it on your own time from the comfort of your own home. There are also many articles on the internet that can give you an idea of what content and keywords to use in your website that will help your site appear more frequently in web searches. While optimizing your website for search engines is free, it can be very time consuming and complicated work. Search Engines use sophisticated algorithms and formulas in deciding which websites appear at the top of unpaid listings, and there are many companies whose entire business model is focused on providing SEO optimization services to customers.

In this sense, SEO can also be a form of paid advertising. If you are serious about getting your website’s links to appear in as many searches as possible, it may be a good idea to do both paid, sponsored ads, and Search Engine Optimization on your own. You could also hire an SEO firm to do additional work for your site. In the end, what you choose depends on your budget, goals, and personal preference, but paying a professional to advertise and optimize your site is usually the most efficient way to increase your site’s visibility.